1. INCORRECT : I’ll try to know when it starts.
CORRECT : I’ll try to find out when it starts.
2. INCORRECT : It was a too good party to miss.
CORRECT : It was too good a party to miss.
3. INCORRECT : According to me it’s a bad film.
CORRECT : : In my opinion/I think it’s a bad film.
4. INCORRECT : We waited for one and a half hour.
CORRECT : We waited for one and a half hours.
5. INCORRECT : I’ll see you a few days later.
CORRECT : I’ll see you in a few days.
6. INCORRECT : The police is looking for him.
CORRECT : The police are looking for him.
7. INCORRECT : I’m thankful for your help.
CORRECT : I’m grateful for your help.
8. INCORRECT : That’s mine – I saw it at first!
CORRECT : That’s mine – I saw it first!
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