GET is one of the commonest words in English and is used in many different ways. A quick look at the myriad ways in which GET can be used.

1) if I listen to loud music I get a headache .
2) Let me get you a drink.
3) I didn’t get the joke.
4) I’ll get you for this.
5) As you get old, your memory gets worse .
6) It’s time to get the kids ready for school.
7) I often get up at five o’clock.
8) You can’t get him out of bed in the morning .
9) You’ve got five minutes to get dressed.
10) I get paid on Fridays .
11) We’d better get moving –it’s late.
12) He’s nice when you get to know him .
13) I’m going to get my hair cut this afternoon.
14) See if you can get the car to start.
15) It wasn’t easy to get through the crowd .
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