Students pursuing graduation are in a phase of life , where they may consider looking for a job as the next step after graduating. Some may opt for higher studies; but in both the cases, they would need to equipped themselves with certain soft skills which would be beneficial in their personal & professional life.

Although students have a strong background in the traditional "Hard Skills " like writing , mathematics & science which will help in the career & academic worlds, an increasing number of employers expect their employees to be efficiently trained in soft skills.

Students studying in college are suppose to be comfortable managing their time as well as working in groups to complete projects. It is important for them to learn the art of collaboration, leadership & communication skills to succeed in college & beyond.

These skills come under the umbrella term "Soft Skills". Soft skills include the ability to adapt to certain circumstances & the willingness to learn through experience. They are applicable across multiple disciplines & careers . It is essential for students to develop soft skills as they prepare to enter the workforce.

In our workshop, we aim at training our participants with the required soft skills .

Learning Outcome:
  1. To learn the art of collaboration , so as to function efficiently & appropriately in groups.
  2. To collaborate on projects, and accept constructive criticism when working with others.
  3. To excel in communication & interpersonal skills.
  4. To be able to handle unexpected challenges in life.
  5. To efficiently manage time & prioritize actions.
  6. To be able to lead & command a group when required.

Soft Skills , which are also called Core Skills, are those desirable qualities that apply across a variety of jobs & life situations - traits such as Integrity, Courtesy, Responsibility, Professionalism , Flexibility & Teamwork.It is essential for young people to be able to manage their time , meet deadlines, get along with classmates & roommates as well as deal with set backs .

Soft Skills are attained through socialization , where a person learns the values, attitudes & actions through interaction with others. socialization & relationship building are a critical part of a young adolescent's life. Higher school is a perfect phase to incorporate soft skills development in the school curriculum. To ensure a brighter future , this important element needs to be added to instructional plans & classroom expectations.

Learning outcomes:
  1. To be able to work in a group & carry out responsibilities.
  2. To enhance the skills of writing & speaking.
  3. To be respectful & courteous with fellow mates.
  4. To be able to receive praise & criticism in the proper way.
  5. To adapt to any kind of situation & accept changes.
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